Forefront dermatologic advance

In 1994 Herbal launched the Pharmaline brand in the Spanish market, with the mission to position itself as a brand that specializes in skin care with a natural dermo-cosmetic approach.

This mission was clearly present throughout the launch of the Sensitive line, with the goal of helping people with severe problems related to skin hypersensitivity, such as redness or peeling.

Quality reference

As a result of the success with the latter, a range of pharmaceutical specialty was developed, betting to convert Pharmaline into a benchmark of quality for hygiene and skin care in the market, and in order to attain this a new division was created to focus on the pharmacy and drugstore sectors.

Pharmaceutical rigour and effectiveness

Nowadays, the development of the Pharmaline products continues applying the maximum pharmaceutical rigour making a bet exclusively on high quality ingredients.

We carefully select the forefront active agents inspired by the latest research advances in dermo-cosmetics, combined with our knowledge on the behaviour of plant actives applied to the skin.

The result is a range of products with innovative formulations and textures to suit the needs of your skin at all times, and covering problems such as dry skin, atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Nature and science

Our expertise working with natural products allows us to efficiently combine nature and biotechnology.

The development of our formulas does not only aimed to achieving the best results of efficiency, but also keeps in mind the tolerability of the ingredients on the skin and its impact on the environment.

Therefore, among thousands of available raw materials we go through a meticulous selection only to choose a small portion, based on the knowledge that has been acquired over time.

The most important thing for us is the effort to achieve the maximum quality standards, offering reliable solutions for different types of processes and skin problems.

The effectiveness and sensations

Thanks to the deep Galenic knowledge we have gained we managed to fulfill one of our main objectives: to turn skincare discipline into a truly pleasurable moment, through the smoothness of our formulas and the creaminess of their textures.

The result of our work is a comprehensive proposal of dermatological products that respond to the needs of the skin ensuring a satisfactory sensory experience and perfect compliance guidelines to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and balanced skin.

High tolerance and safety

All our products are developed and formulated for maximum effectiveness, tolerability and safety, for which we follow rigorous principles of formulation carefully selecting the raw materials we use.

We prohibit the use of numerous questioned ingredients and encourage the use of those which have particularly positive effects on the skin health and that have no negative impact on the environment, not using among others:

The Pharmaline products are free from colorants, as they provide no benefit to the product itself and its sole purpose is purely aesthetic, without contributing to any real cosmetic advantage.

Both the FDA and the EPA have linked these chemicals to serious risks to the environment and health.

Therefore, we do not use any of these in the manufacture of our packaging or raw materials that incorporate our products.

This kind of soaps temporarily increases the pH of the skin’s acid mantle, altering the skin barrier. The skin loses smoothness, moisture and elasticity, tending to become irritated.

Our gels are formulated without alkaline soaps, thus preserving the protective function of the acid mantle of the skin.

No parabens are included in the formulation of any Pharmaline products as it has been speculated about the possibility that they could alter the hormonal balance of the body (endocrine disruptor action).

The European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has even recommended reducing the legal limit of some parabens and the total ban on the use of others.

Silicones accumulate on the skin and scalp preventing its proper oxygenation.

Our products have been developed with soft and fast absorbing textures without using any silicones, which makes them particularly suitable for sensitive skins.