Mature or dehydrated skin

Natural aging of the skin is accentuated among other reasons due to lack of hydration, unbalanced diet, sun exposure and time. It often aggravates during the cold or hot seasons. This is a problem for a quarter of the population reaching up to an 80% in people over 60 years of age.

The skin takes on an unattractive and unhealthy appearance, with irritation, cracking, peeling and / or hypersensitivity, but also adversely affects health, since a dehydrated skin provides less protection against external aggressions.

Care tips

A thoroughly moisturized skin is healthier and has a more attractive appearance, producing a “filling” effect of wrinkles from within. Products must be used to provide moisture to the skin in addition to ingredients that help to renew it, providing greater smoothness and brightness.


The damage caused by sun exposure is the major cause of skin aging. Therefore, we recommend using sunscreen every day, even during the winter.