Atopic dermatitis

Atopic skin is a condition, often chronic with an allergic origin which may be accompanied by asthma, respiratory allergies and dermatitis. Its most visible manifestations in the skin are eczema (especially neck, hands and knees), pruritus and dyshidrotic eczema (small watery blisters on the hands or feet).

Atopic skin can be suffered at any age but the symptoms usually begin in childhood and often extend into adulthood.

Care tips

For atopic eczema skincare and prevention showering or bathing with warm water instead of hot water it’s recommended, and not unduly prolonging the shower. A soft dermatological soap-free gel with physiological pH should be used for skin hygiene. After showering the skin should be dried gently.

Products should not contain alkaline detergents or soaps and is appropriate that its formulation is designed to provide the maximum degree of hydration, with emollient ingredients and regenerators of the lipid membrane. Ideally, follow a simple hygiene regimen with a soft and moisturizing shower gel. The use of multiple products can aggravate sensitive skin causing outbreaks or the worsening of the disease.

As for lifestyle, it is recommended to learn how to recognize stressful situations that trigger the onset of dermatitis, protect skin from excessive moisture, irritants and rough garments. Avoid contact with dust, tobacco smoke and allergens. In cases of outbreaks of eczema consult with your physician to apply appropriate treatment.